Dead Passage is a monthly, crowdsourced, Japanese-set zombie novel that you help write. It’s free to read, it’s free to help and it’s free to join us at our monthly meet-ups at The Ashburn Pub in Ashburn, Virginia, where you’ll be eligible for giveaways, raffles, free food and free drinks (first meeting July 9, 6:30p). Here’s the setup.

It’s Day One of the zombie outbreak in the town of Gujō, in the Gifu Prefecture of Japan. High schooler Daisuke Kinoshita and a band of strangers board themselves up in a house. Deciding that the house is way too surrounded by the undead to make a run for it, Daisuke’s group realizes the only way out is down — so they take garden tools they find in the garage and start digging to another nearby house in search of more food, supplies, maybe even a way out of this nightmare. Then they dig to another house. And another.

But which house do they dig to — the fancy one that probably has better supplies and maybe even a gun, but maybe a security alarm that could attract more zombies? Or the shabby house next to it that could be more safe but won’t offer as much food or medicine? When they dig to a house with an armed and out-of-control neighbor holed up in it, and he demands half their stuff, should the survivors give it up or try to overpower him, facing a very high risk that one of them may get shot in the process?

That’s where you come in. Every month, a new chapter will be published online, free-to-read. Each chapter will end with a decision that needs to be made, followed by a link to our Facebook page with a two-option poll running. Like us on Facebook and vote on what to do. Comment to sway other voters. Rally your friends to vote to help sway things your way. Or enlist in author jonny Lupsha’s Patreon for as little as $1 per month; all Patrons’ votes count double. You vote, jonny writes the results. Imagine a Choose Your Own Adventure book but you’re playing for keeps. Use your best common sense to help Daisuke and the others survive the onslaught, because, just like them, all we have to make it through this is each other.