Crowdsourced Consequences

As Dead Passage is written over the course of two years or so, readers will have the opportunity to shape the novel based on what they think is the right thing for the characters to do. Every month, a new chapter is uploaded to that ends with a decision a character must make in order to proceed. Depending on how readers vote, the narrative will take one form or another.

In order to better engage our audience and to show you just how much your vote matters, we’ve decided to list some of the ways in which the book would have developed differently had our readers made our characters take the other road. This page contains spoilers for all chapters whose votes have concluded and will be updated monthly, so catch up on reading first. You’ve been warned.

Ch. 1 – Crisis on Mukae-Bon

Should Daisuke tell Ryu about the house or play dumb?

Winning choice: Tell Ryu about the house.
Vote count: 19 to four.

Consequences: Ryu accompanies Daisuke to the house. On the way, Ryu influences Daisuke to take a longer but quieter route, avoiding encounters at the baby store Alice and the animal hospital. Ryu learns of his father’s grisly fate, leading him to shun Junpei and sink into a depression.

Alternate Outcome: Daisuke goes to the house alone, though slowed by who/what he encounters on his direct route. Ryu shows up later, furious with Daisuke for lying to him about the house, and beats him up, worsening their relationship, though he never sees his father.

Ch. 2 – Yggdrasil

Should Daisuke appeal to Ryu’s toughness or be more compassionate?

Winning choice: Be more compassionate.
Vote count: 12 to four.

Consequences: Daisuke treats Ryu with kid gloves, inadvertently causing him to sink further into his melancholy and be of no use while the others board up the house. Ryu’s relationship with the others worsens.

Alternate Outcome: Daisuke whips Ryu into shape with tough love, leading Ryu to rally and assist in boarding up the house. All relationships remain steady.

Ch. 3 – Rungs; Branches

Should Daisuke let Ryu speak to Hitomi or turn on the TV?

Winning choice: Let Ryu speak.
Vote count: 11 to eight.

Consequences: ???

Alternate Outcome: ???

Core Crisis decision. One main character will either live or die based on this vote.

Ch. 4 – Secrets / A Chopping Block, A Butcher’s Knife and a Volunteer

Should Emiko raise her hand and vote to proceed with the operation?

Winning choice: Yes.
Vote count: 14 to four.

Consequences: Daisuke loses an index finger; survivors get medicine.

Alternate Outcome: Survivors get no medicine and fewer answers about the zonbi.

Ch. 5 – Nqaul

Should the group dig west towards the clinic or east towards the castle?

Winning choice: West.

Consequences: The group will have a steady goal of reaching a train car at Shizen-En-Mae Station and heading towards a (supposedly) fortified medical clinic.

Alternate Outcome: The group will have a steady goal of reaching cars at the auto repair shop and heading towards the (supposedly) fortified Gujo Hachiman Castle.

Ch. 6 – The Worms

Should Akane or Emiko break through the crawlspace in the second house?

Winning choice: Akane.

Consequences: Akane is the first to enter the second house, where she is taken hostage by its owner. Ryu investigates.

Alternate Outcome: Emiko is the first to enter the second house, where she is taken hostage by its owner. Daisuke investigates.

Ch. 7 – Mycelium

Should Ryu rush the armed stranger demanding the group’s food or comply for now and hope to buy time?

Winning choice: Rush the stranger.
Vote count: Nine to one.

Consequences: Ryu rushes the stranger with the gun. Someone dies.

Alternate Outcome: Ryu buys time; the group requisitions a poison from Akira to put in the stranger’s food. Someone dies.

Ch. 8

Coming soon!